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“Only high-quality training can ensure your successful job start or promotion. Our training provides you with a solid basis for a lasting future in the security industry. IAS training does more than just communicate knowledge about security – it makes you more secure, in every situation.”

What the Academy stands for

“Qualification by professionals” is our motto. This is reflected in each course that that the IAS offers. Our goal is always to provide high-quality, reliable and professional training, which makes it easier for graduates to enter or advance within the security industry. In this respect, the focus of our education is not on physical power, but rather on interpersonal competence, all-round expertise and wide-ranging techniques, along with a self-confident demeanour.

The instructors at the IAS have many years of both theoretical and practical expertise within the security industry. These are individuals who, with their experience and competence, are responsible for protecting others. They are committed to ensuring your professional success. “From real life for real life” – this principle makes our instructors much more than just teachers.

It is our conviction that high-quality work can only be achieved through a sound, competent training course. Quality depends on training, and training depends on quality. We intend to contribute our high standards to the industry as a whole, so as to establish this level of quality nationwide.


As a certified training provider (AZAV) for career entry and advanced training in the professional field of security, the high standards we set for ourselves have been confirmed by the DEKRA. Our work is always clearly focused: on quality.

We continuously question and optimise our internal processes. As demonstrated by our certification according to ISO 9001, quality management plays a decisive role in our day-to-day business.

We also consider environmentally conscious business activities as being part of the field of security – the issue here is the security of our planet. Our commitment to environmental protection and managing limited resources begins with avoiding unnecessary piles of paper in our training courses.