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Medical Basic and Advanced Training (TCCC)

Medical Basic and Advanced Training (TCCC)

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The casualty management field Tactical Combat Casualty Care requires the completion of a training course as a first-aider and operational first-aider in combat. Our experts will train and qualify you.


TCCC  – Tactical Combat Casualty Care (NAEMT´s)

The IAS offers a TCCC “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” course designed in accordance with the NAEMT’s international guidelines. Learn preclinical provision and special rescue under extreme and/or tactical conditions. This puts you in the position where you can also work internationally in high-risk management situations and be able to take safe action. The goal is to achieve the best possible emergency medical care despite situation-related limitations, and to develop an independent, expert working foundation, which results in increased operational security for users at the location.

On successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate. This certificate is personalized for each participant and kept on file at the IAS with a registration number, where it can be retrieved at any time by authorized personnel.

  • Recognizing and evaluating a position and acting under stress conditions
  • Personal security during a rescue operation
  • Recognizing and evaluating wounds according to urgency
  • Working with the A,B,C & M.A.TC.H systems
  • Trauma and first aid

In 60 teaching units, each 45 minutes long, you will receive theoretical and practical basic knowledge according to the guidelines of the NAEMT.

The total tuition costs are 484.20 € including teaching materials and an examination fee.

This training course is also possible with international recognition. Please contact us directly if you are interested in this option.

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