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Sector with Potential

Given society’s increasing need for security, in our business sector there is significant growth potential for employees and also for career beginners. Therefore the protection of objects, plants, articles of value and individuals is becoming more and more attractive as a field of activity.

Within this framework, professional training is the best guarantee for lasting success. With their range of training courses, IAS provides you with the opportunity for a long-term, successful career. Take a look at our course overview.

Necessary preconditions for employment are a conscientious and thorough approach to your work, a talent for observation, and physical fitness. Teamwork, and the ability to keep a cool head in challenging situations, rounds out the profile for career beginners.

The employees and trainers at IAS are primarily engaged in achieving a shift in thinking in our business sector: from costs to quality. The focus, increasingly, is on a professional attitude and trustworthiness. Professional training is the first step towards achieving this.